Websites and Online Applications
Take control of your Digital presence with a sophisticated open source WebCMS that is Fully Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Optimised for Search and Integrated with Social.
Hundreds of extensions available to support eCommerce, Payments, Bookings, Listings, Appointments, Advertising, Events, Search and Social.

Websites and Digital Transformation

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

At the large end of the scale and for major Corporations and Governments with millions of customers we highly recommend Adobe Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud as a 'Best of Breed' platform for Digital Experiences.  Find out more here

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The heart of any Digital Business is its Content Management System that style and presents your content and assets to users while allow your staff to update and iterate features into a well organised operators console.

Online Applications and Extensions

Based on the nature of your Business there maybe specialised and modular applications that you need to service the demand without using manual processes. We have hundreds of extensions to our Web CMS available including eCommerce, Payments, Bookings, Listings, Appointments, Advertising, Events, Search and Social.

Identity and Access Management (IDAM)

If you are expecting to offer online users access to your data then their is a need to secure it and only allow access if the user is Authenticated and Authorised to create, read, update and delete it. We work with a range of Single Sign On and Authentication Hubs and can apply them to your software through configuration.

API and Microservices (Integration)

Once the user or system has Authenticated and possesses a Token then it is time to retrieve the data from an API and present it back in a timely fashion. This system to system communication requires a highly level of Cyber Security to thwart robotic attacks and ensure all consuming applications only get what they are entitled to.

Responsive Design (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)

All our websites and online applications deliver responsive experiences on Mobile Devices which mitigates the risk of not having a dedicated cross platform Mobile App - We can even 'wrap' the Website as a Mobile App and load it into the Apple Store and Google Play with very little technical modification. Responsive by nature, Responsive by design


Our Website delivery expertise catapults you Ahead of the Curve

We have a systematic approach and pragmatic methodology for delivering high quality Digital Platforms starting from Conceptualisation and continuing through the entire Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC)


The first stage is to consolidate your planning into a design stage that defines what will be delivered and when:

Activity Description
Requirements Definition Workshops 1 x 2 Hour Business Requirement Workshop on Zoom
Technology Strategy and Design 1 x 2 Hour Technology Strategy Workshop on Zoom
Solution On A Page A high level design for the project that guides development teams and stakeholders
Backlog and Timeline A document that defines the agreed scope (Backlog) and time frame for delivery


Based on an agreement that the Design stage is complete the project will move into the Build phase with the following activities:

Activity Description
Website Installation, Design and Layout Integration of your brand and content into a Web CMS
Content Migration and Production Population of the website with the Content and Media
Copyrighting and Media Producing copy for the site or obtaining imagery, video or other licensed material
Website Production An expert edit to ensure the Customer Journeys flow into the data capture and call to action elements efficiently
Get Connected Integration with Social Media – LinkedIN, Facebook, others as required
Be Searchable Search Engine Optimised for high visibility and a plan to target reciprocal links with Industry.
Analytics and Insights Web Based Analytics to profile web traffic and demonstrate success


Once the Website platform is launched the following ongoing support services are provided as part of the Fully Managed Service.

Activity Description
Website Hosting 12 Months Web Hosting on AOTC Infrastructure at Site Ground (UK’s Leading Hosting Provider)
Evergreen Upgrades Latest JOOMLA Website CMS installed and customized to the Clients Content, Products and Services
User Training Full Training of Web Administrator on running a Digital Business using a sophisticated CMS and Search and Social and Industry platforms
Self Serve Consoles Console Access to all Domain and Software Tools for Web Administrator
Free Email Unlimited Email Accounts – 10GB+ Storage
Support - Operations Priority Technical Support for Domain, Website and Hosting
Support - Updates Basic Web Content Updates (Configuration Only)
Support - Development Access to inexpensive Development teams for new projects / major features



Adobe Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.5)

If you are planning a move to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for your website Content Management System(CMS) then you are best served developing a Reference Architecture and Implementable Digital Roadmap. Ahead of the Curve consultants are well versed in AEM and its integration to the Marketing Cloud where the intellect and smarts of the solution reside

Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Once you have committed to your move to AEM then the next step is to integrate with the Marketing Cloud and the following marketing Capabilities:


Software Service Description
Adobe Launch Next Gen Tag Management for the Adobe Experience Manager and a highly granular and integrated capability that gains insight into every scroll and click
Adobe Analytics Powerful insights into your users and their interactivity through Work Spaces that have in depth analysis and curated views for your colleagues
Adobe Target Deliver highly personalised experiences for your users based on their profile or segmentation
Adobe Forms The windows to Customer originate can be crafted with tracking and dynamic interactivity to ensure you capture well qualified leads and customer data (GDPR Compliant)
Adobe Campaign Tightly integrate your Marketing Campaigns with AEM and receive detailed analytics on consumption and how to improve your penetration.
Adobe Audience Manager A document that defines the agreed scope (Backlog) and time frame for delivery
Adobe Marketing ID A document that defines the agreed scope (Backlog) and time frame for delivery

Adobe Infrastructure Options

There are numerous ways of hosting your AEM platform on both Cloub Based or On Premise environments depending on your appetite for management of the complexity.

Adobe Managed Service is an excellent fully managed service and is recommended for organisations without a development and engineering capability.

Organisations that have a technical capability that can deleiver and operate a robust, reliable and resilient Software Platform may be suited to a Cloud or On Premise deployment.

Software Service Description
Adobe Managed Services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Establishing your AEM Platform as a Semi Managed Service on Amazon Web Services
Adobe Managed Services on Microsoft Azure Powerful insights into your users and their interactivity through Work Spaces that have in depth analysis and curated views for your colleagues
Cloud Hosting on AWS or Azure Deploy your own AEM in the Clouds on PaaS or Iaas so that your existing engineering team can operate it and keep the services costs to a minimum while leveraging your existing Cloud investment
On Premise Hosting Deploy AEM On Premise or in a private Data Centre environment using clustered JVM's and F5 or similar Load Balancing.
Design and Build AOTC will produce all technical build documentation for your teams or can engage engineers to build it out for hand over.


Adobe Reference Architecture

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