Strategy and Consulting Services
The bedrock of any Business is the quality and influence of the Strategy to optimise Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance capabilities, processes and applications.
Ahead of the Curve can get involved with developing a quality Technology strategy that translates your Business Goals into Digital Delivery.

Digital Technology Strategy

Once your Business Strategy is agreed and approved we will develop a Digital Technology Strategy that will allow you to design and deliver the environments and applications to launch the capability to your users.


Definition and Description


Technology Strategy

We will create and document a bespoke Technology Strategy for your Business based on a series of discovery events that engage your key stakeholders in the journey.

  • Technology Strategy (DOC 20-40 pages),
  • High Level Requirements (XLS 100+ Functional, Technical, Security, Support)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 10-20 Slides)

Reference Architecture

The Reference Architecture will guide all future Application and Integration investment and will seek to re-use, sweat and contain your existing business assets while adding powerful digital and business platforms where Cloud adoption makes sense.

  • Reference Architecture (RA - VISIO A3 - High Impact),
  • RA Specification (DOC 20-50 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 5-10 Slides)

Implementable Roadmap and Program Estimates

A fully implementable and high impact Roadmap that will break the Reference Architecture into series of cost effective projects that maintain business continuity while rolling out new Technologies that deliver benefits and uplift to the business immediately

  • Road Map (RM - VISIO A3 - High Impact),
  • RM Specification (DOC 20-50 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 5-10 Slides)

Request for Proposal

We will develop the bid documentation and host Technical Labs for the vendor participants with probity and an emphasis on due diligence and getting the best price for every service and product required.

  • Market Scan (DOC 5-10 Pages)
  • RFP Bid Documentation (DOC Tender, Tech Lab Brief),
  • Technical Lab (EVENT 1 Day per Vendor)
  • Tender Evaluation (DOC 20-50 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 10-20 Slides)

Proof of Concept

Develop a low cost implementation of the key components you wish to implement so that key business and technology concepts are proven before investment

  • PoC Discrovery and Brief (10-20 Pages)
  • Vendor and Technical Engagement
  • PoC Analyis and Refinement
  • PoC Report and Recommendations (10-20 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (5 Slides)

Program Kick Off

Once the project is funded we will develop a plan of engagement and orientate the teams and suppliers into the project framework using Agile or any other project methodology required.

  • Program Execution Strategy (20-40 Pages)
  • Program Plan (MS Project 500 Rows),
  • Resource Allocation (inc in Plan)
  • Project Kick Off (EVENT All Stakeholders)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (10-20 Slides)

Full Service Advisory

A comprehensive Advisory service that starts with the Concept and delivers a coherent Blue Print and Roadmap that is immediately implementable

  • All of the Above delivered using Agile and remote working through Zoom


A 'Strawman Architecture' shines the light on the road ahead