Ahead of the Curve - AOTC.Digital
We provide IT Consulting and Digital Development services across a broad range of modern Digital technologies and Web Content Management and Publishing.
We can cater for all types of engagements with your new or existing project teams or deliver the whole project independently - Our Consultants bring a positive energy, productive attitude and a problem solving mindset to every job.

Design and Delivery of Digital Platforms


We design and deliver a highly tailoured website platform complete with Content Management and Website Production. We can provide Domain Names, Hosting, Support, Free Updates and bespoke development services for Modules and Components. We tightly integrate this with your Marketing systems and Social media accounts for maximum impact.

Online Applications

We assist with the selection and migration of Online Applications that provide critical Business Capability to Customers, Staff, Suppliers and Partners. Based on t=your needs and Target Operating Model we will design and deliver Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Campaigns, GEO Location, Self Serve portals to your users.

Adobe Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud

The ultimate platform for managing every aspect of an intelligent and proactive Digital Experience is most definitely Adobe Experience Manager and the Marketing Cloud. Covering all aspects of digital capability and enabling highly intelligent user journey routing techniques using advanced targeting and personalisation based on evidence based analytics and predicative algorithms - A bit of a mouthful? Yep - We can help put this into context for your Business.

Consulting  in Business and Technology Strategy

Ahead of the Curve has been involved in several high profile Government and Corporate projects that deliver mission critical systems to mass markets. 


The past 15 years has been an exciting time for Telecommunications with the maturity of several access network technologies continuing to exceed user expectations. From the progression of Wireless through 3G, 4G and now onto 5G, same with Broadband through Dial Up, ADSL and now Fibre, the speed and the bandwidth to access a huge range of Internet based services is a reality.

Financial Services

The sector has been through a barrage of turmoil but remains very healthy commercially and with a great expansion in technical capability under construction. From Risk, Regulatory and Compliance uplift through to the digitisation of the Banking environment for Customers their has never been a better time to Transform.


The mandate for Government is to provide services to the population through automated and digital experiences that are cost effective to execute. This is a balance between changing the Ways of Working and introducing Technology platforms that are Secure, Reliable, Integrated and Highly Available.

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