With an Implementable Roadmap in place and the components of the Reference Architecture identified it is time to start evaluating software products and technology services that will realise the Target State.

This is the stage where investment and commercial aspects are refined and a true cost of ownership with a return on investment can be calculated and refined against the budget

Activities and deliverables for this phase include:

  • Application Inventory
  • Market Scan
  • Market Approach
  • Request for Proposal
  • Technology Selection
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Total Cost Of Ownership (Projected)
  • Return On Investment (Projected)

Key Focus: Measure twice, cut once


A typical strategic engagement for the Market Scan and RFP services is:

Market Scan and Request for Proposal

We will develop the bid documentation and host Technical Labs for the vendor participants with probity and an emphasis on due diligence and getting the best price for every service and product required.

  • Market Scan (DOC 5-10 Pages)
  • RFP Bid Documentation (DOC Tender, Tech Lab Brief),
  • Technical Lab (EVENT 1 Day per Vendor)
  • Tender Evaluation (DOC 20-50 Pages)
  • Total Cost Of Ownership (DOC 5 Pages)
  • Return On Investment (DOC 5 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 10-20 Slides)

10 Weeks