With Strategy and Architecture singing off the same hymn sheet it is now time to plan out the transition to the Reference Architecture through a series of implementable stages and projects that introduce the new world while deprecating and decommissioning the old world.

This is the first stage that looks at time, materials and investment as a way to make the transition in bite size project chunks that are implementable without disrupting the continuity of the business operations.

Some outputs from this phase are:

  • Implementable Roadmap with timeline and high level estimate (Order Of Magnitude)
  • Identification of projects that can be delivered within the Implementable Roadmap
  • Roles and Responsibilities of key resources and vendors for delivery
  • Identification of the Software and Services that are required for the Target Architecture

Key Focus: Build the foundation in a series of steps that will realise a Base Capability for iterative and emergent development

A typical strategic engagement for Implementable Roadmap services is:

AOTC Service

Definition and Description


Implementable Roadmap

A fully implementable and high impact Roadmap that will break the Reference Architecture into series of cost effective projects that maintain business continuity while rolling out new Technologies that deliver benefits and uplift to the business immediately

  • Road Map (VISIO A3 - High Impact),
  • RM Specification (DOC 20-50 Pages)
  • Presentation Slide Deck for MGMT (PPT 5-10 Slides)

6-8 Weeks