Cloud Adoption and Migration
Adoption of the Cloud is a game changer for Businesses of all sizes. Migrating application workload to Cloud based environments is a well trodden path to success.
We specialise in the planning and execution of Cloud and SaaS implementations including the transition of Business and Technology teams during adoption and launch.

Cloud Based Business Applications (SaaS)

There are many great Marketing and Business Platforms that provide Software hosted on robust and resilient Infrastructure and supplied on a fully managed basis.


The ultimate 'Light Touch" Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform on the market that cover everything from Marketing, Sales, Service and Messaging


If you are selling products online then a Shopify store is a great alternative to traditionally hosted Software solutions that are expensive and quickly outdated.


Manage all your Contacts in one place and apply powerful Campaign Management capabilities so you can optimise your Sales.

G Suite, Search and Analytics

Cloud Native business that use G Mail can definitely benefit from a move to G Suite where a full range of Productivity Apps are available. Google for Search Engine Optimisation, Advertising, Mapping and Analytics are also highly recommended

Social Media

Get the most out of your Social Media presence by integrating it with your Website and CRM system to create a vibrant leads pipeline

Cloud Adoption for Infrastructure and Application Services (IaaS, PaaS)

Based on your needs and what is important to you we will select a Cloud Platform for you to adopt and design and implement your Virtual Private and Virtual Public Clouds.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With the biggest range of packaged application servers and the front-runner for market share AWS is a great way to manage your adoption of the Cloud.

Microsoft Azure (Azure)

With tight integration to MS technologies like Active Directory, Office 365 and .Net server technology the MS Azure offering is a logical next step. We can assist with establishing your Virtual Private and Public Clouds.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

If you are planning on going Cloud Native then GCP could be the right fit especially if you use G Suite for your Business applications.

Dedicated and Shared DC Hosting (CoLo)

AOTC are a reseller and System Integrator for Site Ground in the United Kingdom and TPP Wholesale in Australia - We are expert in design and deployment of dedicated or shared hosting for your Virtual Public Cloud.

Secure Development Operations (SecDevOps)

Azure DevOps

Azure has a full suite of tightly integrated Development Operations tools that allow you to easily manage your application source code and its deployment to the test and production environments using a sophisticated and automated 'Tool Chain".

JIRA and Confluence

If you have adopted the Atlassian tool set for workflow management then we can assist to upgrade and reconfigure this investment so that it integrates with SecDevOps and is far more effective for your teams.

Open Source SecDevOps

If you have a good hands on capability for managing applications then there are a myriad of Open Source tools that are suitable for underpinning SecDevOps - We can always offer this as a Solution Option in the planning so you can understand the potential for savings with a little extra effort.

Ways of Working

Agile in Action

Moving to Agile delivery of Digital products is a key outcome of any Digital Transformation. We assist with the planning, implementation and and uptake of Agile in your organisation and how you can move to a remote working model without loosing output or quality.

Development Squads

The new unit of productivity is a sprint delivered by a Squad. We will help you to structure the flow of work artifacts, activities and outputs out of carefully constructed Squads that work on discreet outcomes.

Applications and Tools

With remote working becoming prominent the adoption of the following capabilities and tools is paramount to productivity - we will show you how to use: Slack, Teams, Zoom, Trello, Azure DevOps Boards, JIRA, Confluence

Hybrid Integration - Cloud to Data Centre (On Premise)

If you require connectivity to be establishing between your On Premise and Cloud networks then we can help you to design and implement one of the following patterns

Virtual Private Networks

If the criticality and sensitivity of the information flowing between the networks is low then a Virtual Private Network connection may be suitable. Let us design, plan and execute this for you.

Direct Connect (AWS)

For industrial strength Cyber Security and high performance Network connectivity the best option with AWS is Direct Connect. Let us design, plan and execute this for you.

Express Route (Azure)

For industrial strength Cyber Security and high performance Network connectivity the best option with Azure is Express Route. Let us design, plan and execute this for you.

Network Peering (GCP)

Google have a robust network integration capability that is lightning fast and highly secure and scaleable.